Our U-Crane Arm stands out as the most versatile camera car in our fleet, all while holding full street permission for open traffic! With a 360° endlessly rotatable base and a range of stabilized head options, from the basic Ronin 2 to larger heads like the Mövi XL, we’ve got you covered.

Vehicle Facts

Porsche Cayenne Turbo 4.8l
– 500 Horsepower
– 6 Seats (5 Main – 1 Trunk)
– Maximum speed with a arm: 160km/h
– Open Street Permission

Technical Facts

– Head Options: Ronin 2, Mövi XL
– Build in Livestreaming Encoder
– Intercom Connection to Hero Car
– 4K Highbright Monitors
– 12/ 24V Power for Camera & Acc
– MovMax Rain Deflector available.